Today.. It's all about Social Media.

Staying fresh, keeping engaged

and wanting the desire for more, it is today's "SOCIAL" experience.

With your "IDEAS" and our "UNDERSTANDING" of today's Mobile Media,  we will design an effective business identity that includes all the elements of Mobile Marketing.

We create "ATTENTION" grabbing Mobile Applications that are effective in engaging current customers and inform new ones through

all hand-held device platforms.

With over 30 years in "END-USER" marketing, Inhandmarketing, strives on living, breathing and building BRAND IDENTITY. We have seen what the Here and Now of today's marketing. Inhandmarketing wants to help you become Mobile-Friendly in the FASTEST moving marketing media EVER. We design Apps and Solid Websites for business and the personal being; helping people know YOUR place or service, CHECKING IN so their friends can MEET UP, Teaching KIDS in a more fun manor without telling them it’s education, nice PLACES for dating. food menus making it quick and easy to decide where to EAT, what to EAT and make a RESERVATION to EAT, making medical websites EASIER to understand, Apps for the gym to know what the work out is TODAY and BRAG about it, help a customer FIND their car or know when it’s time to FEED the meter…1 step ahead of the Po-Po (Ticket Agents). Developing a music career, display an artist work through their eyes via an APP.


At inhandmarketing we do it all. We take your existing website or present ideas and create an App for that! It will take SHAPE-FLAWLESSLY. Our designs are “VERY” user friendly and easily read. We try to make them ADDICTIVE by being FRESH and extremely INTERACTIVE… We keep your customers ENGAGED with your help. Our Apps DO NOT look redundant to others we design, Your App is Your Identity, Inhandmarketing DESIGNS it that way.


Inhandmarketing will take a-once-was marketing tool, your website and design it to look and work on today's mobile devices. We work with you and your "NEW" ideas and help blow off the dust that your "TRADITIONAL" website might have collected. We do not duplicate our sites to save time. Each project is started with a new OBJECTIVE, a clean WORKSHEET and STORY, your story. We are a marketing company that will not leave you hanging or wondering if it's working, we will show you.  Inhandmarketing will keep in contact to keep the "NEWS" fresh and updated with your media streams. ENGAGEMENT is the only way the "MODERN" marketing will work. We always ask, "When was the last time you looked at or updated you website?"


We help with Marketing Madness. Thank you for taking the time to read about Us. They say, "It's not work if you love it."

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