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Newspapers, Magazines, Direct Mail OR Handouts


Newspapers, Magazines, Direct Mail or any other paper ads ALL have something in Common, they usually contain your WEBSITE address. Usually to direct POTENTIAL customers to get more information. Wait.... Where is the PC? Why not add a QR (Quick Response) code and get MORE bang from your Ad Buck? If your website isn’t friendly they might just not bother opening it or start looking at a competitor’s site that is.  

A Mobile App will NEVER be found in a bird cage, cat box or be the wrapping for a fish. A Mobile App can be deleted but also reloaded just the same.  If the information is FRESH and INFORMATIVE it will stay on the phone or tablet because it's ENGAGING.

radio and tv -

A TV and Radio is turned on and turned off all through day. Unless your budget runs in the billions your ad doesn’t get seen or heard all the time but your website is always ready.  If it’s not Mobile Friendly it might not matter…. Unless the Radio or TV spot is saved, the message or offer is history. This is what Frequency is all about. If they know "THERE'S and APP for THAT" they will be able to get the information much easier and your information will not be turned off.

With Radio and TV… You decide which demographic is right for you, than produce the ad to run and finish with the potential customer viewing it, hearing and then responding to it. Many ads include a website address for additional information. Where is the PC to look it up? Probably not as close or as accessible as their SMARTPHONE. Just ad an App logo and the rest is history.

Your Information is out there

It's time you put it all to work for you!

Have you gone on line and searched your business? What are people saying about you and your business?  If it's good you post it, if it's not you follow up the best you can.

Inhandmarketing can take charge and work all your SOCIAL Media.

There is more to Social Media then just Facebook and Twitter.

There is Yelp, TripAdvisor, and a lot more. What's the best for you, let us figure that out.

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At the end of the day, Inhandmarketing will give you peace of mind. With full service support and constant contact with you, your popularity, marketing and business will never be the same.